Welcome to Grape Vista.
This App is made by vineyard managers for vineyard managers. The creation of this tool started from a problem: the lack of a simple and reliable solution to track work in the vineyard.

Nowadays,  virtually everyone has a smartphone, even in the vineyard. Why not using this tool that your vineyard team have in their pocket alongside their pruners. Let's say you or one of your employee arrive in the vineyard at 7am and is about to perform a spray with the tractor. When they arrive on site they simply have to click on the Grape Vista App, tap a couple times on their phone and that's it they start recording their work. A timer will run for the duration of the selected task and can be stopped as soon as the job is done. When you press stop the job report is directly uploaded to a secured and dedicated web platform, My Grape Vista.

On this platform you can customize the App and access the job reports. This valuable information will be a tremendous help for  your budget tracking and payroll process.

Free yourself from all these hours spent collecting work hours before payroll or wracking your brain trying to figure out two weeks after how many hours per acre you did in a specific vineyard shoot thinning.

With Grape Vista you and your team are working together toward a goal of budget control and simplification of the administrative tasks in the vineyard.

Please have a look at this simple and efficient tool and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Antoine Petigny-Samuelson, Founder


Your team collects the data directly.

Collaborativ App + Web platform

The App

Web platform

Customize the App and extract the job reports

  • Track your vineyard budget easily and without laborious data entry.

  • Extract the data for the payroll period, sort by employees and you are all set. Make Payroll feel like a breeze.

Web platform
Mobile App
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